Watch Your Conversion Take Flight With The Power Of Urgency

By on April 6, 2015

Urgency is a psychological principle that can help your growth by increasing your conversion rates for sales and marketing. Your entire sales funnel will widen from prospect to client when you get the right aspects of urgency adequately mastered in your website copy.

You might think creating urgency is complex but in reality there are a few simple steps that you can take to really maximize your message’s urgency. One great example of how to do this is called the LIFT Model. Think of the basic premise of aerodynamics. An airplane in flight has four forces acting on it at all time. There’s the force of the lift of the wing and it’s opposing force the weight of the plane pulling it down. Then there’s the force of thrust as the plane moves forward and the opposing force of drag. You can think about your website with many of these same opposing forces of conversion, which is where the idea for the LIFT model basically stems from as you can see from this image.

Just like in flight, if you can reduce the forces pulling your website down, or holding it back, you’ll be able to see your message lift off the ground and your growth really take off and you can do this exceptionally will with urgency.


Think of urgency like the fuel that’s both burning and powering your trajectory upward. It creates the fire, like fuel, for your customers to get off the fence and actually hit click on your ad or product. Your sense of urgency is what gets your sales off the ground.

Here are a few simple things to always consider when you’re approaching your website with a sense of urgency for massive growth and action from your clients.

1. Increase the clarity of your offer

If you can’t easily convey what you’re offering, then your product and growth will never get off the ground. Make your offer crystal clear and very simple to understand. Think of Apple. You don’t need an instruction manual to operate any Apple product. You can use it, but you don’t need it. That’s a pretty clear offer.

2. Increase the relevance of your offer to your audience

Are you sure what you’re offering is what your audience really wants? You need to make the relevance of your business or service very clear to readers on your site. Read the post on using Amazon for growth hacking to help see the most effective ways to get your audience message really clear.

3. Increase and improve your value proposition

If your audience is clear what they’re getting, you’re only half way there. The other half is making them realize why they need your product, which is your unique value proposition. How is what you’re offering going to change or improve their lives? Make it very easy for them to see and understand that value.

4. Lessen anxiety

Anxiety acts like a drag or weigh force, pulling your product or business down if you can’t overcome or reduce it. What are some ways to reduce your audience’s anxiety? A few very effective ideas are to explain that you understand their pain-points. Spell them out right there in copy and let them know you understand why they’re searching for you. Solve their problem to lessen their anxiety. Testimonials and trust points like press, endorsement or other points of validation can also help reduce anxiety for first time visitors.

5. Lessen distractions

Clutter kills. The less you have to distract your audience from the call-to-action, the higher you’re going to convert. It’s that simple.

Apply these easy to implement tips to your website and see if you can utilize the LIFT model to help your growth explode and your business take flight.

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