How To Use Your Customer Service Team for Growth Hacking

By on March 17, 2015

How To Use Your Customer Service Team for Growth Hacking

Growth hacking your business to the top of your industry doesn’t just start and end with marketing and sales. Every department and every member of your team has the opportunity to really convert customers and upsell your products and services to growth exponentially. One often overlooked but highly critical part of your growth team strategy should be your customer service department. Whether that’s you, a team or outsourced, you can leverage the power of a client on the phone to not only deliver great service, but also to upsell and grow your sales.

In a recent Bain study, they discovered that increasing customer retention by 5% increased business profits by 25% to upwards of 95% for the business annually. Take a second to really digest those numbers. By delivering amazing customer service and retaining only an increase of 5% of customers, you can expect anywhere upwards of 25% in annual revenue simply because you’ve gone from a customer, to a devoted, loyal fan. That’s a powerful statistic that should encourage you to embrace this growth hack with lots of effort.

Here’s three ways you can make the journey to increasing customer retention and upselling your clients through the simple customer service journey offering of your business.

1. Solve the problem, then cross-sell or upsell

Of course step one is to solve a problem or answer a question for your clients, but when that’s resolved and you’ve done an amazing job you have an opportunity to offer an upsell. Think about how much your client acquisition costs: the marketing and sales efforts that go into just one purchasing client. That KPI in itself should motivate you to deliver great customer service, but when you take the opportunity to really solve your client’s issues over the phone or in e-mail, you’ve got another great thing happening: a captive audience. Cold calling is time intensive and challenging but when you’ve got a client whose actually called you, you can solve their problem and use your creativity to cross-sell or upsell a solution for them that can make their lives better and easier. If you’re just done a great job solving their pain-point, you’re in a key position to do this because they’re happy and they know you can solve problems. While you’re in this critical problem-solving mode you can offer to solve another problem or issue they might be facing with a similar or upgrades product. It’s a simple growth hack that when done properly, with the right care and approach, can help you see dramatic increases in sales growth.

2. Use your team to go offline

The whole premise to Marty Neumeier’s highly effective book Zag, is that by being a pattern disruptor, you can totally obliterate the competition. But you don’t’ have to just do this in your marketing and advertising messages, you can do it with your customer service, too. We live in a digital age: email blasts have replaced newsletters, emails have replaced cards and online sites have taken up a huge market share of traditional brick and mortar. And while all of that is good, there is also a lost art to the values of offline marketing. If you’re an online business, use your customer support team to send an offline message after an issue has been resolved that’s personalized and in your branding. We’re not talking a form letter that’s clearly generated in a mass-mailing publishing warehouse. No, empower your team to send hand-written messages or cards to VIP clients, customers with big issues or any other section of your customer segment you need to really wow. By zagging an offline, hand written message to an online client, you’ll be surprised at the growth and customer retention you see just from a simple stamp and note.

3. Give the gift of reciprocity

There’s the idea that if you do something nice for me, I’ll be much more likely to do something nice for you to return the favor. In some ways I may even feel like I owe it to you and will be more willing to listen, purchase or in other ways support you because you supported me. This will apply to your business if you can incorporate the law of reciprocity into your customer service efforts. At the end of every customer service interaction, what’s nice little piece of customer service “candy” you can offer that will catch your person by surprise and endear them to your business? It doesn’t have to be major, or bankrupt your business, in fact the “candy” could even be the hand written note of follow-up. It might also be something like a small account credit, refunded shipping, or any small and unexpected gift you can offer that’s out of the ordinary. That will endear your clients to you and can prove to be a long-term growth hack strategy, as your clients will feel a sense of reciprocity toward you. Remember though, reciprocity can work the other way, too. Deliver bad service, be difficult to reach or uncaring in your responses and that reciprocity may sour to revenge if you don’t treat your customers right. There are so many great ways to get your customer service team on board and growth hack your business with this unassuming department on the front lines.

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