Tips to Strengthen Your Online Brand and Gain More Clients

By on January 7, 2015


If you have been a freelancer or startup for the longest time, but have not acquired enough clients to justify your career choice, there’s something wrong with how you drum up interest in your business.

One of the most effective ways to get found by clients is by having a strong web presence that is consistent on all channels. Your brand separates you against your competitors. The more distinct and compelling your online brand is, the more likely potential clients and customers will inquire about your services and order them from you.

If you haven’t spent time developing brand for the purpose of getting discovered online, then you’re not maximizing your chances of getting your services out there in the open!

Whether you’re just one person or part of a startup, you ought to observe these basic yet often-ignored tips on how you can supercharge your online brand.

Have a Custom Logo Created

A logo serves as the visual representation of your business. People will associate your business with your logo, so make sure that you come up with a logo that best represents what you and your service do to your target audience.

Once created, you can use the logo as your profile picture on your website and social media sites.

Build a Website on Online Portfolio

Approach your website as you would your business card, where all important details about your business can be seen on the card (name and contact details). Do the same with your website by not only featuring your personal information - create a contact page with a sign-up form - but also sample works or published work online so they can have a better idea on how you do your job.

Stick to these basic elements of your website for now and gauge whether or not there’s a need to create a blog or add new pages to it. Keep in mind that your website or portfolio is never final - you will eventually have to edit your website to make it better.

In case this happens, you can reach out to them and correct whatever misunderstanding that happened between you and your services. This way, you can maintain a good standing with online users, which could factor in the possibility of getting more clients in the future since you’re quick to respond to negative feedback.

Question: Do you have any more suggestions on how freelancers and startups can further strengthen their online brand? Share your ideas and tips by commenting below!

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