Mine Your Network To Create A Growth Hack

By on February 19, 2015

Mine Your Network To Create A Growth Hack

We live in a networking society. We have social media networks, meet-up networks, working networks, personal networks, the lists go on and on but the point is that right now, you undoubtedly have access to at least a few hundred or more contacts that you could reach out to, just through your existing networks.

The key is how can you leverage those contacts and networks as a growth hacking tool?

One great trick is to craft a special offer and test it across your various networks.

Let’s say you’re a health coach and just building your own practice, or looking to expand it. You’ve got yourself and your small network of clients, but how do you get more? More clients and more referrals is always the name of the game for business success.

The simple answer is that you can craft special offers based on each network and custom tailored to their specific needs to maximize your growth efforts.

How might this look? Let’s run through a few of the most common ones using our health coach example above to see how each offer looks across the three most popular networking channels: email, LinkedIn and Facebook.


Undoubtedly you have a personal email account like Gmail that is bursting at the seams with all the contacts you’ve emailed over the years. This can be friends, family, old job prospects, basically everyone in your contacts rolodex (well, maybe leave out your ex). Craft a friends and family offer and send a short, quick blast from your personal email with a tracking link to an opt-in page. Sending an offer from your personal email can be unexpected and a great way to tap into business prospects through your personal network.

Your personal email offer might look something like this:

Happy New Years! As you already know, I’m helping people transform their lives with my simple, effective health coaching rules that I call the “Raw Food Revolution.” Because you’re important to me, and I am trying to spread the word about the health and weight loss benefits of eating raw, I just wanted to let you know that I’m offering up my “Quick Start Guide To Losing 5lbs in 5days” for free to you and any of your friends for the next two days. Just click the link below and enter the code FIVE to grab it right now. I appreciate you helping spread the word with your loved ones to help make this healthy lifestyle a way of life.

To your success! –Susan

It’s short, actionable and is leveraging the lists of your contact’s contacts. That’s a growth hack tool that can see an instant surge in growth.


Same strategy as email but with a different twist! Send a personalized message or private offer to all your LinkedIn contacts but tailor the message to their needs. They might be LinkedIn colleagues but they aren’t part of your list growth yet, so get them started with an offer. What do most LinkedIn prospects have in common: they’re busy and strapped for time. Make time the essence of your offer.

Hey! Susan here. I know one of the hardest things about your career is keeping healthy and active with the long hours and stress. It’s just hard to find the time! I understand and I want to let you know that one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to spread the word about the raw food revolution to help everyone I know be a little healthier in 2015. If you think my “Quick Start Guide to Losing 5lbs in 5days” would benefit you, I’d like to give it to you for free if you download it in the next twenty-four hours. Just click this link and enter code START. Here’s to a happy, successful and healthy new year ahead! –Susan
P.S. You can share that link and code with anyone you like that you think would benefit!


Again, leverage the networks of the people who follow you on Facebook to growth hack your list. Craft an offer and opt-in that’s exclusive to your Facebook list. With Facebook, a teaser can be even more effective than the full offer, so your message could look a little different and should certainly include a relevant and highly compelling image. Try something like:

Want to lose 5lbs in 5 days? If getting healthy is on your New Years Resolution you can download my step-by-step plan for free. Just enter code YES in the next twenty-four hours and you’ll get the guide free. Join me in my quest to spread the raw food revolution! Know someone else who would love the guide? Have them like the page and get the download, too. Sharing is caring!

Again, make sure for your Facebook post offer there’s both a traceable link and a great photo to help entice your audience into taking action.

A few key takeaways with all these tactics. Make sure that the links are traceable so you know which outlet you’re tapping that is giving you the great results. That is a big reason for the specific codes, too – it helps your tracking. Also, make sure that regardless of outlet, you’re limiting the time of the offer to create urgency. Call it out that they only have a specific time to act, or they lose out. By making your offer specific, timely and traceable you can tap your networks to grow your list.

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