Leveraging The Live Webinar For Quick Growth

By on February 12, 2015

Leveraging The Live Webinar For Quick Growth

Webinars are your low cost options to test ideas and concepts while also growing your list. Think of a webinar as your opportunity to teach a concept or deliver a compelling speech to an interested group of prospects across the country, or even the globe. Webinars allow you to leverage the high-impact format of a live event from the comfort of your home office. You get to interact personally with webinar attendees, answer live Q&A and showcase your personal knowledge and style. They’re a great way to get more intimate with prospects and show them your personality. After all people like to buy products and services from people they like: the webinar takes you out of the written word and elevates you into life.

However, just like any growth hack tool, there are some things you’ll need to do in order to get the most out of your webinar efforts. Just as easily as making your personality a showcase feature of a webinar, if it’s done poorly or you don’t prepare properly, you’ll be making the wrong impression and could turn prospects away.

Here are three key things to consider for hosting a webinar the right way for maximum growth.

1. Make sure it’s live and limited

Think of your webinar like a live in-person event. Not everyone can fit in the hotel ballroom of the Marriott. You create buzz for a live event in one aspect because it’s limited. Take that same idea of limited seating and apply it to your live webinar. You have to create the air of exclusivity and the idea of scarcity, or limited seating, for your webinar by making it a live event that’s also limited. Not just anyone and everyone gets to attend.
Just like a live event, your attendees need to register for the webinar. Sure registration is free, but there is still an opt-in process. They get to come for free but you get their contact information. This is how the growth hack process starts. You want to encourage prospects to attend and sign-up by reminding them that the event is exclusive, highly valuable and as such, limited. Never host a webinar without registration.

2. Make sure you check the attendee list

When it comes time for the webinar, you want to do two things before you begin: first is to have a printed copy of the registration list by email and the second is to start watching and checking off attendees before you start. With Webinar services you’ll be able to see and check off who is on live. Make sure you take a few minutes at the start of the webinar, and have a staff member track throughout, who of your prospects actually logs on live and who drops off. By tracking your attendees, you can help segment your list into warm and cool leads.

One growth tip many experts are also turning to is no longer offering a recorded playback. Best practices when webinars started was always to offer a recording of the event for the list segment of registered attendees who didn’t get on the live event. However, the argument being made now is that you make the event less exclusive and urgent by offering a recap: after all, what’s the incentive to attend if you can just get the replay? The decision will be up to you, but you should consider testing the efficacy of live only and live with a recorded recap options with your specific list of prospects.

3. Follow up with both leads, but differently

Let’s say you don’t offer a live-recorded recap, but choose instead to focus on the attendees that were on the webinar live. You want to follow up after the event with an offer but segment out your list into two groups: those that stayed on for the entire webinar and those who dropped off at some point during the webinar.

For those that dropped off, craft a personalized message to find out why they dropped and what you can offer them. This can also help you to tweak and improve your webinar offering. By asking the drop-off prospects if you can be of more help or if they were looking to learn something different, you show them that you have the resources and tools to meet their needs. Personalize a response that offers yourself and your business to nurture that lead. For your other group, the warmer leads that stayed on for the majority of the webinar, follow up with them by providing an offer, free or otherwise, to potentially gain a client. These are your hottest leads because they stayed on the entire time and were the most actively engaged with your webinar’s content. These are the group of people who are most likely to move down your funnel from lead to client because they showed the most active interest in what you have to say and offer.

By utilizing these few simple tactics, you can use webinars as a consistent tool to grow your lists and likewise, to grow and widen your entire funnel. Keep track of the progress and always look for ways, through feedback, to improve your offer. If you stay consistent with webinars they can prove to be a great growth hack.

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