Content: The Ultimate Growth Hack Tool With Three Highly Valuable Pieces

By on March 3, 2015

Content: The Ultimate Growth Hack Tool With Three Highly Valuable Pieces

If you’ve ever visited the Kissmetrics or Hubspot blogs, then you know that when it comes to inbound marketing or “pull” growth hack techniques, you have got to give your prospects great content. These sites are the champions of compelling content that is available through a spectrum of free.

What is the spectrum of free?

It starts with openly available, broad topic articles that all prospects to the site can see and read entirely. It’s broad enough to hook the interest of the right prospects, but still provides value by speaking to a target audience’s pain points. From these articles there is always a key takeaway and distinct call to action to move prospects further along the spectrum of free content, and consecutively also move them into the top of the sales funnel. It’s at this point there is a high-value, more specific topic free download option. Well, mostly free. This is where the funnel starts and the growth begins as these outlets offer their audience a free, high-impact piece of content, but only if they provide a little information about themselves first: like name, email and even a comments section for their specific pain point or need. That’s a growth hack, folks.

You have probably gone through this process yourself, maybe even with Kissmetrics or Hubspot. Why are you willing to enter your name and email for a piece of free content? Because it’s valuable to you and you can use this same tactic as the content generator to start growing your list of prospects and clients. You know the value is there so it’s worth the information exchange.

So don’t reinvent the wheel. Use what is working for the experts and craft your own compelling content that you can poise along the spectrum of free for a great growth hack strategy.

To get started, you’ll want to create one or all of the holy trinity of content marketing pieces: the guide, the eBook or the whitepaper.

Entry Level: The Guide

Creating a compelling guide related to a specific actionable topic is one of the easiest and most entre level pieces of content you can get started with today. The guide should be something that is quick to read, easy to get started using and still provide valuable takeaways for your audience. You should come up with a topic that your audience is most looking for – so do your research to find out what is going to be the most relevant to both your business and solving your prospects biggest pain point. Most guides will be in the range of three to ten pages and include helpful items like a resources page, a checklist template and some great step-by-step instructions for how to complete the task related to your topic.

Guides should be well designed, so look to outlets like Fiverr for a graphic designer who can lay the content out for you in a professional design software format like a psd file, then have them deliver both the psd and a pdf file. This way you have the design files to repurpose in the future if you need something tweaked and have to use a different designer. The pdf file becomes the downloadable guide giveaway piece you use in exchange for the list building names and emails of your prospects.

Moderate Level: The eBook

If you’ve always wanted to write a book… here’s your chance! An eBook is a great way to write a “mini” novel about a subject matter relevant to your prospects. The eBook is going to expand on a topic or idea in a much more robust way than the guide could achieve. An eBook is going to take more research on your part and more design time to lay it out in a proper book format. Most eBooks typically range from thirty pages up to as many as seventy or more pages and really deep dive into content. You’ll need a table of contents, chapters and a forward or introduction. There should still be items like checklists, usually after each chapter and review questions or tasks for your audience to follow. You should have resources pages at the end, include any references or sources used and many include reading lists of links to other article topics, eBooks, guides and whitepapers that you’ve produced.

The eBook is your opportunity to really show your prospects that you know what you’re talking about and that you are the expert who can help. Give great information. Explain to them how “it’s” done and what steps to take to get from where they are to where they want to be, based on the topic you chose. Don’t be afraid of giving away too much information. The truth is that most prospects will use your guide as a way to connect with you, not replace you, so give, give, and give some more. Includes quotes, case studies, hard data and facts to substantiate the advice you’re giving. The result will be a list of prospects marveling at such great content thinking, “if this is for free, what’s in the paid offering?” It works. If it didn’t Kissmetrics and Hubspot and countless other inbound growth hack marketing companies wouldn’t be successful. Trust the process and experts and invest the time in designing a great piece of marketing content: the eBook.

Expert Level: The Whitepaper

The whitepaper is where you take a departure from writing about tasks and instead, focus on a more 30,000 foot view of the industry you’re in for the sake of building trust, dominating your industry and displaying your expertise. Whitepapers will be much more academic in nature than the guides or eBooks. They vary in range from roughly twenty to fifty pages and even though their scholarly in nature, they’re still readable, relevant and beautiful designed. This should be a piece that talks about the state of the industry you’re involved in, market trends or any other though leadership, leading edge data and research you can collect and share for the sake of not just your prospects, but industry respect and press pickup. A whitepaper done right can lead to media pickups, blog sharing, potential speaking and podcast opportunities and all around establish you and your business as the expert. Whitepapers are the one piece you can choose to share without an email opt-in purely for the sake of going viral because if they’re done correctly, the media coverage and viral spread of the piece is the growth hacking pieces that gets more prospects to your site and more eyes on your funnel to download your other content marketing pieces.

Utilize the holy trinity of content marketing and watch your numbers grow. You can choose to tackle it all your self, or to outsource some of the writing, research and design to the experts. Whatever path you take, these tools are sure to help your list and business grow.

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