5 Free Resources To Boost Your Small Business Brand

By on November 21, 2014

They say nothing in life comes for free, but that’s not always necessarily so in today’s world. While resources may require your human capital input to make them into a success, you have access to many free resources online and offline that can really help boost your small business brand.

You might be tempted to think that anything that’s free couldn’t possibly help your business, but the groups and sites on this list can help you. There are lots of ways to grow your business through local, grassroots actions on you or your staff’s part that will contribute to your success over time if you’ll stay consistent at participating.

1. Your Local SBA

Did you know that your local small business association offers some amazing content and courses that are often free of charge? The small business association is there to help you succeed. They offer tons of free content on their website and through their mailing lists that can provide you with great advice and help with the running of various aspects of your business. Most small business association chapters also offer free classes, courses and workshops. While some do have a fee, there’s usually a great mix of free and paid courses, and many are even available as webinar’s online so you can learn and attend online for an easy experience. Alternatively, you can also contact your local SBA to see if you or someone from your business might make a great resource to teach a workshop. They’re usually unpaid, but you might meet others relevant to your business, find new clients through teaching and presenting and will also be contributing to your community and other’s success.

2. Medium

If you’re looking for a better way to get information about your brand out to the world, that doesn’t just include your PR company, check out the content writing site Medium.com. Medium allows individuals to write and post stories for free. It’s a social share site so everything is free and other members of Medium (membership only requires signing up for a free account) can follow and recommend your stories. If you put some great content, stories or thought leadership pieces on this site consistently, it can really help to build a story and trust with your business’s brand. It’s a great way to spread the word about what you do.

3. Social Media

Social media sites are completely free and are another great way to enhance your marketing strategy. The great thing about social media is that you can use it both for trust and relationship building with your leads and clients, and you can also post direct offers for sales. Used correctly, social media is a great sales and marketing combo tool that can help increase traffic to your site, boost your on and offline sales efforts and generally increase awareness about your brand. There are a few tricks that you’ll want to keep in mind when utilizing social media:

a) Be consistent! Show up to the conversations happening on social media everyday. If you can’t be consistent, hire a company to manage your socials. There are very good and inexpensive ones like $99Social, which will manage for only $99/month.

b) Only be where you’re relevant. You don’t have to use every social media outlet just because they exist. Find the ones more relevant to your business and where your clients are and use those.

4. Quora

If you aren’t using Quora as a business, you absolutely should be! It’s a large and robust online site where all registered users can ask and answer questions and through threads, vote and rank the most relevant and helpful answers for other Quora users. It’s free to sign up and can be an amazing way to build trust and recognition for your business. For example, if you’re a small business mechanic shop, there may never well be relevant auto and repair questions which pop up that you can set alerts for, then when people ask those questions, you’ll be notified and can pop onto Quora to write great answers to people’s questions. It’s an indirect strategy to help build awareness of your brand and elevate your reputation in communities for trust.

5. Local Meet-ups

Hosting or attending local meet-ups in your area is both free and a great way to build community. There are meet-ups for just about anything under the sun you can think of and membership on the meet-up site is free. Create an account and then search for groups relevant to your industry in your local area. Find groups that exist and join them to meet other who might need your help or benefit from your business, or if you don’t see a group that exists, take ownership and start your own meet-up group. Meet-up is a really good way to meet new people, builds trust and relationships in your local community, and organically grow your influence and business’s presence locally.

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