3 Free Ways Amazon Can Help You Get Massive Growth

By on April 7, 2015

3 Free Ways Amazon Can Help You Get Massive Growth

Cutting costs and leveraging opportunities is one of the primary roles of every business owner. When you’re trying to get the most ROI out of every action, you might be tempted to think that you always have to spend money to make money. While that certainly is often the case, there are some great growth hacking tools that cost little to no money and can help you see big surges in the growth of your lists and sales.

One such hack when you’re looking to launch a new business or even test out the viability of a new product is Amazon. Amazon has many powerful business applications that extend far beyond simply purchasing a business book. One of the fastest and simplest ways to test out whether or not your business is going to have a successful product launch is to invest the time into research on Amazon. When you do your research properly, you’ll be able to take any business or product launch from a drop in the bucket to a huge splash of explosive growth.

Follow these three very simple growth hack opportunities to make your next launch a huge success. You will have to spend some time, but the good news is you won’t have to spend, or waste, any money.

1. Identify if the market exists for your business or product

You already know that identifying your target demo and defining your customer avatars are two of the foundational exercises before starting a business or launching any product. How can Amazon help you with that? By identifying who your target market is, you should be able to use that knowledge to research what they’re buying on Amazon. What books would you audience be purchasing? Do a search on the topic of your market and see what the top results are, and then read a little about the book synopsis to see what ideas, keywords and concepts are selling in your audience. Do this for the top three to five books in your industry and for your particular type of business or product.

Then take it a step further and start doing some product searches. What types of tools and products are selling on Amazon that are similar to yours? How would your product or business be unique to what’s already being offered to your core intended audience? How are they describing what they do? Again, this particularly relevant for the top search results and those with the best reviews, ratings and highest numbers.

If you can arm yourself with a thorough Amazon knowledge of what’s already selling to your core audience, you can really help narrow down your target audience and know what kind of sales and marketing message to craft based on what’s selling well already. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Piggyback off the success of what’s already working: then put your unique spin on it.

2. Read the comments

Okay, so your target demo is buying the books and products of others and you’ve taken a look at the titles, synopsis, products and ad copy that are selling well… is that all there is? No! If you really want to see your launch explode with massive growth, mine your list of top five results across books and products even further and start drilling into the reviews. Thoroughly read them and see what the customers are saying. Are there more bad reviews than good? Skip past the few sentence filler comments and look for the in-depth reviews and comments. Amazon users are avid about leaving some incredibly detailed comments and reviews and that can be a real benefit to you. You might have to spend hours mining the internet or paying for data, research and market study reviews to get the same information you can find in the comments of any Amazon review. What are they saying they like about the features? What is resonating with them? One especially useful thing about Amazon reviews is that users can leave comments in a basically uncensored environment. In the anonymous world of the Amazon review forum, they aren’t trying to be polite or save face, they can really tell it like it is and that candor can be particularly useful before you launch a product. Take detailed notes from the comments so you can make sure to arm your product or service launch with all the features that are trending high and doing well on Amazon.

3. Use the bad to craft your unique twist

As you mine the Amazon comments for the top product and book results in your target market, you’re going to notice there are plenty of bad reviews, too. It’s human nature and inevitable that some people just won’t be happy with a product. You can expect the same for your own business or product. However, you should take a careful look at the bad reviews for valuable insights into what’s missing in the market. Comments like, “this is terrible,” you may as well skip over because there’s no value there, but many reviews will tell you more specifically what’s missing or underwhelming. Pay attention to reviews that express what is missing or falling short in the product for two reasons; first, to avoid the same pitfalls and second, you can use that feedback to incorporate into your product offering as a feature the market is clearly seeking.

If you can take the time to accurately do your research in Amazon, you’ll have all the feedback and reviews you need, pre-launch, to ensure that your business or product offering has massive success and growth from the start.

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