3 Expert Tips For Making Your Entrepreneurial Resolutions Stick in 2015

By on January 8, 2015
3 Expert Tips For Making Your Entrepreneurial Resolutions Stick in 2015

January is for goal lovers. You suddenly can’t find a parking spot at the gym, you find yourself elbowing your way through the produce stands at Whole Foods for the last bunch of Kale and you’re overhearing people in line at the bank talking about their business idea for 2015. The year starts out with good intentions for the masses and entrepreneurs alike, yet what is it that makes some people end the year strong while others taper off and revert back to their usual behaviors?

The truth is that changing yourself can be hard.

You want to bust out of those old ruts and meet the year with resolve, but life gets in the way. How do you overcome your tethers to 2014 you and break free to make your entrepreneurial resolutions really take hold this year?

Here are three expert tips for keeping your resolutions this year.

1. Start Small

One of the biggest strengths and weaknesses of entrepreneurs is the grand scope of their vision. When you want to do big things, you tend to set big goals. That’s an incredibly important part of innovation, but there’s a backlash effect for huge goals: they can be overwhelming. When a project or resolution looms larger than life over you it can be easy to fall into analysis paralysis. Instead of taking steps forward the daunting size of the task immobilizes you from progressing, and thus, sticking to your resolution. You don’t have to start with small goals, but what can be very effective is to break your big resolution up into smaller goals and steps staggered throughout the year. What do you need to accomplish in January that is going to get you across the finish line in December? What is absolutely crucial to achieve by June to end the year strong? Breaking the big goal up into small steps highly increases the likelihood of keeping your resolution.

2. Define the Initiative

You know what the goal is, but have you asked yourself why it’s the goal? Often a little probing and introspection can lead to some interesting results. Many entrepreneurs historically struggle with working really long hours and trying to balance work, life and health. So let’s say your resolution is to be healthier and go to the gym more. Why? If you can figure out the why it can help refine and define the resolution. For example if being healthier and hitting up the gym is on the list to help you with your weight and stress management, then you can find a tool to hack your resolution like, say, riding your bike to commute vs. driving. A bike ride to and from your co-working space could double as a money saver, health boost and stress management tool. Cycling could potentially fit into your lifestyle much easier and with greater efficacy than a gym membership alone. Take the time to analyze what’s behind the goals to ensure you’re committing to the right ones.

3. Don’t Make Resolutions

This probably sounds like a cop-out; if you don’t make them you can’t break them, right? Wrong. The real key for many entrepreneur’s resolution success is that they don’t make resolutions. Rather they commit to the constant evolution of mini-resolutions to become the person, leader and innovator they want to be. You can adopt this no resolutions lifestyle and treat every day like January 1st. How will you show up in this day to meet your goals? What are you most excited about today? Entrepreneurs invest in mentors, coaches and peer support groups so they constantly have the New Year’s Resolutions approach to life, regardless of the calendar year. Perhaps that’s the best resolution you can make and stick to this year.

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